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atheist ad will run in DC at Christmastime

Via Atheist News, a story ran in The Springfield, MO News-Leader about advertisements District-of-Columbianites will be seeing on buses with the tagline, "Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness' sake." The coverage from the News-Leader is admirably objective. Kudos to them.

A quote in the article from American Family Association's President Tim Wildmon reads, "It's a stupid ad," he said. "How do we define 'good' if we don't believe in God? God in his word, the Bible, tells us what's good and bad and right and wrong. If we are each ourselves defining what's good, it's going to be a crazy world."

So according to Mr. Wildmon, human beings are incapable of deciding right and wrong by thinking about it. They must have God's law to follow. You've got to get pretty irrational to start with, "It's a stupid ad," and then say something even less reasonable.

I checked out the AHA's website, and they've got an article link on the front page. There's more info there, including that interested parties should visit "whybelieveinagod.org." Check it out.

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