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Atheist views in popular culture

Visit Athesim and Religious Satire in Popular Culture, a blog devoted to sightings of non-religious views (and its neighbor down the block, religious satire). The blog is run by an atheist/secular humanist group out of the University of Minnesota.

In less popular culture, nerdcore rappers MC Frontalot has written a humorous song about creationism. Frontalot's "Origin of Species" has him playing the role of a creationist minister in a tongue-in-cheek call for action toward ignorance (warning: hip-hop, possible profanity, nerdiness after the jump).

I just watched an episode of the Simpsons from season nine, "Lisa the Skeptic." Lisa, on an archaelogical dig with his class, finds a planted "angel skeleton" which turns out to be an elaborate advertising ploy by "Heavenly Hills Mall." Only Lisa doubts the angel's holiness, and she is vindicated in the end.

Where have you seen non- or anti-religious views presented in pop culture?

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